Birth Certificate Pakistan

Birth Certificate Pakistan is a vital record issued by a government authority that documents the birth of a child. In Pakistan, only NADRA Birth Certificates are being issued by the concerned government authorities.

With the help of Birth Certificate Pakistan, you can obtain many other important identity documents like, Pakistani passport, Pakistani Identity Card (CNIC), admission in school. Many Pakistanis who are living in other countries can also get their NADRA Birth Certificate from Pakistan if they born in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis need Birth Certificate for immigration process, visa process, driving license, health card, social insurance and admissions in school or university.

Required documents for NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan:

  • Copy of applicant’s CNIC (if age is above 18)
  • Copy of hospital / old birth certificate
  • Copy of father’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy of mother’s CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy of applicant’s current passport (if available provide as additional document to prove place of your birth)
  • Filled and signed application form to submit in concerned issuing department (duly attested by BS-17 and above officer)
  • If born in home please also provide an affidavit from parents with CNIC copies of 2 witness

Procedure and Completion Time for NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan:

Applicant needs to fill an application form with exact particulars as mentioned on supporting documents which are listed above to avoid any error. In major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi NADRA birth certificates can be obtained from local union councils and in many small cities it can be obtained from TMAs etc. In cantonment areas NADRA birth certificates can be obtained from Cantonment Board Offices and in Islamabad CDA is authorized to issue NADRA birth certificates.

After submission NADRA birth certificate Pakistan can be issued in approx. 5-10 working days depending upon the work load and other factors in of relevant issuing department in Pakistan.

NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan Fee:

Govt fee for issuance of NADRA Birth Certificate in Pakistan varies according to the age of child and issuing city. Late birth registration penalties will also apply for late birth registration.

NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan Online Tracking and Verification:

We heard this question from many clients that how to track NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan online through CRMS # or any method.

For all those brothers and sisters, we would like to inform that (as per our experience and knowledge) there is no method available till now to track or verify NADRA Birth Certificate Online in Pakistan for general public. The only way to check authenticity of NADRA Birth Certificate Pakistan or CRMS Tracking is physical verification by visiting the issuing department. FYI, embassies and other authorities always get verified these NADRA issued birth certificates from same issuing department when needed.

Sample NADRA Birth Certificate


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