Documents Procurement Services Pakistan is ready to work on your behalf in Pakistan for any documentation need you have. We have an experienced team who can assist you to obtain your birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance, non availability of birth certificates, lost degrees, mark-sheets, transcripts, university sealed envelopes or any other document from relevant authorities in Pakistan.

Don’t worry, if your required service is not listed on our website, just contact Chachu, he will help you just like your own person in Pakistan for any legitimate requirement.

Just provide the required documents along with an authorization letter (duly attested and notarized) and get relaxed .. Chachu will do all the, paperwork, legwork and follow-up for you and your family in Pakistan.

We can assist, supervise and guide you to obtain following documents:

NADRA Birth Certificate: Unlike old manual birth certificates, these NADRA Birth Certificates are fully computerized and authentic documents. It will be issued in English and Urdu on same paper, so there is no need for English translation. See complete details..

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate: If your wife need to change her CNIC by husband’s name, if you are applying for immigration or visa, and if someone need divorce, these are the common cases where NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate can be required. This is fully computerized Marriage Certificate which contain both Urdu and English contents. See complete details..

Police Character Certificate:  Clearance certificate from local Police Department in the city of your stay can be required by your employer, if applying for a job, for your immigration or Visa process.  See complete details..

Non Availability of Birth Certificate: Also known as No Entry Birth Certificate and this document can be used as alternate in cases where issuance of birth certificate is not possible. It is rarely issued document for those applicants who were born before partition (1947), or born in other countries but now they are Pakistani citizens with old date of births. See complete details..

Re-Issuance of Educational Certificates: We have great experience and expertise in obtaining duplicate copies of lost/misplaced degrees, mark sheets or transcripts from the relevant university / college in Pakistan. Feel free to contact our professional team and learn the process and requirements to obtain your educational documents. See complete details..

Mark Transcripts in University Sealed Envelope:  We have good experience and professional team for this task. We know how to obtain mark sheets / transcripts in sealed envelope from relevant universities in Pakistan. See complete details..


At we have experienced team who understand official requirements and procedures to follow (i) for issuance of your documents or (ii) if you need certified translation of your documents or (iii) if you like to get attested your documents from different embassies and other relevant authorities in Pakistan.

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