Re-Issuance of Mark-Sheets and Degree Certificates in Pakistan


If your original degree certificate, mark-Sheets or transcripts have been lost and need re-issuance from your College or University in Pakistan, contact your Chachu in Pakistan for assistance.

Overseas Pakistanis anywhere across the world can post requests for obtaining certificates, degrees and mark-sheets from their school, college or university across Pakistan.

Process for Re-Issuance of Degree Certificate:

Upon receiving your request for obtaining degree or certificate from a school, college or university Chachu in Pakistan will depute a trained and efficient Case Manager to help you retrieve the document.

The Case Manager will submit an application in the relevant office of the respective school/college or university along with the submission of supporting documents. To carry out the process smoothly, we shall require photocopy of relevant documents and an authorization letter signed in favour of Chachu in Pakistan.

Process for Issuance of Duplicate Mark Sheet:

Duplicate Mark Sheet can be obtained from any University or College where applicant studied and completed his/her graduation / post-graduation / doctorate etc.

An application form has to be duly filled and submitted along with supporting documents at the concerned University / College by the applicant. An authorization letter from the applicant in favor of CIP may be required to represent the applicant in this matter. A few Universities ask that the application form has to be filled and signed by the applicant. In such cases, CIP will obtain the application form from the University / college and dispatch it to you for your signatures.


At we have experienced team who understand official requirements and procedures to follow (i) for issuance of your documents or (ii) if you need certified translation of your documents or (iii) if you like to get attested your documents from different embassies and other relevant authorities in Pakistan.

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