Documents Attestation in Pakistan

Often wondered how to get attested your documents from your college, university, board, HEC, Notary Public or any specific embassy in Pakistan? Don’t have any relative, friends or other resource in Pakistan to assist in attestation of your documents?

Don’t worry, Chachu will help you in documents attestation in Pakistan. All you need to do is provide us the required documents along with an authorization letter in the name of our Case Manager and get relaxed. Our experienced Case Manager will do all the necessary paperwork, legwork and follow-ups on your behalf to get your required attestation in Pakistan. We can ask you or your family member to pay a visit where mandatory for attestation process.

Need documents attestation from Pakistan

Documents Attestation in Pakistan:


At we have experienced team who understand official requirements and procedures to follow (i) for issuance of your documents or (ii) if you need certified translation of your documents or (iii) if you like to get attested your documents from different embassies and other relevant authorities in Pakistan.

Being a Law Firm we are ready to work on your behalf for any legitimate need in Pakistan. Please feel free to contact us at +92 300 3929298 or email us at or submit a simple inquiry form below.

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