Sample Police Clearance Certificate Lahore Punjab

View Sample Police Clearance Certificate Lahore Punjab Pakistan

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Sample Police Character Certificate Issued from Karachi Central
Sample Police Character Certificate Issued from Karachi East Zone
Sample Police Character Certificate Issued from Islamabad
Sample Police Character Certificate Issued from Rawalpindi

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Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan

Police Clearance Certificate is a formal document issued by the concerned Police department in different cities of Pakistan indicating that the subject applicant of the Clearance Certificate has no criminal record during the specified period of his stay in the area or city.

Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan is also known as Police Character Certificate or Police Clearance Letter in different countries and cities. In big cities of Pakistan like Karachi there are separate police departments within one city to issue Police Clearance Certificate. It means if applicant stayed at different places within one of these big cities then he might need to get multiple Police Clearance Certificates from relevant police department of that area.

Required Documents for get Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan:

  1. Copy of valid CNIC or NICOP (Pakistani ID Card) from applicant
  2. Copy of valid passport from applicant
  3. CNIC copies from father & mother of applicant
  4. CNIC copies from two neighbors of same address of stay
  5. Recent passport size photographs of applicant
  6. Copies of educational certificates & degrees
  7. Copy of any utility bill
  8. Attested photocopy of applicant’s CNIC / NICOP from NADRA (From nearest NADRA Kiosk Shop)
  9. Affidavit in case the individual is out of country
  10. Marriage Certificate (only for married female applicants)
  11. Govt / Semi Govt and Corporate employees will also produce N.O.C.
  12. An application form (filled and signed by the applicant)
  13. A witness form (filled and signed by the neighbors)

Note: Concerned police department can ask for any additional document if needed.

Police Character Certificate Pakistan Procedure and Completion Time:

It can take approx. 8-12 working days for issuance of PCC after submission of all the required documents in concerned Police Department. Completion time can vary depending upon complexity of each case.

Police Character Certificate Pakistan Official Fee:

There are no official charges by government to issue Police Character Certificate in Pakistan. But concerned issuing department can charge any costs involving delivery of final document to the address of applicant.

View Sample Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan


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