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NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan

Marriage Registration Certificate from NADRA Pakistan is very important document to prove marriage record between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan and other countries. Unlike official Urdu Nikkah Nama and official English Marriage Certificate, Marriage Certificate from NADRA Pakistan is fully computerized and much more authentic document.

Any married person in Pakistan can apply for Marriage Certificate from NADRA Pakistan if he already obtained his official Urdu Nikkah Nama or English Manual Marriage Certificate from Pakistan. People with old marriage dates can also obtain NADRA Marriage Certificate if they still have copy of their official Nikkah Nama in their record.

In other countries only NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates are accepted now from Pakistanis to prove marriage contract between husband and wife. Overseas Pakistanis need Marriage Certificate from NADRA Pakistan for their immigration process, family visa or matters like divorce.

Required Documents to Get Marriage Certificate From NADRA Pakistan:

  • Copy of CNIC from groom
  • Copy of CNIC from bride
  • Copy of CNIC from father & mother of bride
  • Copy of CNIC from father & mother of groom
  • Copy of CNIC from Molvi (Nikkah Khawan)
  • Copy of Official Manual Marriage Certificate (Nikkah Nama)

Procedure to Get Marriage Registration Certificate From NADRA Pakistan:

To get NADRA marriage registration certificate applicant need to visit the concerned issuing department (union councils, TMAs, Cantonment Board Offices etc). There he will manually fill an application form with his particulars carefully to avoid any error and delay. After submission NADRA marriage registration certificate can be issued in approx. 5-10 working days depending upon the work load and other factors in relevant issuing office.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Fee:

Concerned issuing departments can better quote their official charges to process NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate because this fee can vary in different cities.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Tracking / Verification Online:

Unfortunately, online verification of NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan is not available for general public and this could be done only by contacting or visiting the same issuing office.

Sample NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan


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