Nov 272014
Mark Transcripts in University Sealed Envelope

Mark transcripts in university sealed envelope are normally required to apply for higher education overseas but your employer can also ask for transcripts in university sealed envelope if you are applying for a job. Our experienced and well trained Case Manager can apply on your behalf with the institution / university along with the required Read More

Nov 242014
Re-Issuance of Mark-Sheets and Degree Certificates in Pakistan

If your original degree certificate, mark-Sheets or transcripts have been lost and need re-issuance from your College or University in Pakistan, contact your Chachu in Pakistan for assistance. Overseas Pakistanis anywhere across the world can post requests for obtaining certificates, degrees and mark-sheets from their school, college or university across Pakistan. Process for Re-Issuance of Read More

Nov 142014
Non Availability of Birth Certificate Pakistan

Non Availability of Birth Certificate in Pakistan can be issued as alternate document in few cases where issuance of Birth Certificate is not possible. It is also known as No Entry Certificate or No Entry of Birth Certificate in Karachi, Lahore, and few other cities of Pakistan. Non Availability of Birth Certificate in Pakistan is Read More

Nov 102014
NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan

Marriage Registration Certificate from NADRA Pakistan is very important document to prove marriage record between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan and other countries. Unlike official Urdu Nikkah Nama and official English Marriage Certificate, Marriage Certificate from NADRA Pakistan is fully computerized and much more authentic document. Any married person in Pakistan can apply for Read More

Nov 052014
Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan

Police Clearance Certificate is a formal document issued by the concerned Police department in different cities of Pakistan indicating that the subject applicant of the Clearance Certificate has no criminal record during the specified period of his stay in the area or city. Police Clearance Certificate Pakistan is also known as Police Character Certificate or Read More

Nov 042014
Birth Certificate Pakistan

Birth Certificate Pakistan is a vital record issued by a government authority that documents the birth of a child. In Pakistan, only NADRA Birth Certificates are being issued by the concerned government authorities. With the help of Birth Certificate Pakistan, you can obtain many other important identity documents like, Pakistani passport, Pakistani Identity Card (CNIC), Read More